Making Musky Jitterbug Lips.

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I know that Stamina has the large stainless steel musky jitterbug lips but does anyone know where i can get them stamped from aluminum material.

I have thought about hammering one out flat and tracing a pattern and cupping the blade by bending it one flat section at a time...has anyone tried doing this.

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Moore's Lures has them in aluminum, but I don't know if they have them in Musky size...they specialize in musky stuff, though, so I bet they do.

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@ widowmaker

Certainly this would work out , you can even make them in any size desired , only takes some accuracy :yay:.

First flatten out the lip as you stated , you may then use a steel marker needle to trace the shape onto your aluminium sheet .

If you want to alter the size , trace with a thin pencil on a piece of paper and put it in a photocopy machine to enlarge or minor:wink: .

After cut out roughly and use ordinary allround glue to stick it onto the metal sheet .

Work out the shape accurately , file the edges very smooth , this way you get another tracing template of different size , that you should keep :yes:!

You can't achieve the cupping just by bending by hand . As mark poulson said , it requires a ballpeen hammer and a steelplate or anvil .

Take first a scrap piece to practise and see , how the sheet deforms under the beats of the hammer .

For soft metal sheets like aluminium and copper(up to 2 mm thick)or SST(0,5 mm only) you won't neccessarely need a stencil :yes:!

When holding the sheet cut-out blank under a small angle onto the anvil and hit it at the right spot(about where it contacts the anvil plane) , it would bend a little with every beat , therefore you should use a ballpeenhammer of only 2 1/2 to 3 ounces .

For working brass or even thicker SST sheet it could be a little heavier , but the heavier , the more it would tire out your hand :yes:!

Its not the sheer weight and energy of the hitting hammer , but the amount of hits , that makes up for an evenly curved shape of the sheet metal :wink:.

When I shape thicker sheet , up to 2 mm(for spoons) , I would need a stencil , which I carve from hardwood with oval router bits and my "Dremel" , about accordingly to my spoon size(you can shape smaller ones in it too , but not vice-versa) .

I'd beat the sheet cut-out blank flush into that indention with a 2 to 4 pounds plastic hammer , just to have it roughly pre-shaped , the fine curvature is again done with a ballpeenhammer on the anvil .

When using a ballpeenhammer for it , you'd only cause blemishes , but no general curvy shape:( !

A bit more information about shaping sheet metal to a lure you can find in the hardbait gallery , just search for "spoons" or uploads under "D" , I posted some of my spoons there(obviously the only here on TU).

I haven't yet made jitterbug lips , but 100's of spoons and spinnerblades , so , without bragging , I know quite well about luremaking out of metal sheets !

Good Luck , diemai

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