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Never heard of it before. Does it brush on? Have you tried it yet with water based paints?

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Hey, if it works, it works. But its application may have limitations. For most color transitions on a crankbait, you'll want to fade from one color to another - not a distinct line. And when you do want distinct transition, it's probably easier to do it with a solid mask cut out with an Xacto knife. No waiting for the liquid mask to dry, and it's reusable.

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Yes you can brush it or spray it... and it is water clean up.. the stuff I have and have been using is this Parma Liquid Mask 2 oz

Now I have not tried it on unpainted wood bu tit works well on plastics

its kinda like when you get white glue on your fingers.. when it dries you peal it off.

Very true bob, but say you have a lure with a metal fin.. that you would like to keep silver this allows you to get right up next to the lure and such..

I purchased it a couple of years ago.. when I was into RC cars and painting the lexan bodies, figured I would give it a shot!

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