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I'm a new member, but a viewer for a long time. Figured it's time to give back since I can post now as a member. :)

If you have any paint related questions, I'd love to give it a shot at solving your problem. I surely don't have all the answers and can't give out ant proprietary secrets, but I do have 18 years experience as a master color technician and over 15 years experience formulating almost any type of coating you can imagine. I specialized for a few years in effect and reflective pigemnts. I started custom painting lures in 2002 and have learned alot myself when it comes to painting fishing lures. I'd have to say that with all the different materials you could possibly encounter, while trying to use a single paint system, has been one of the most challenging projects I've ever undertaken in the coatings business.

Feel free to ask. :)

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