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Olive Oil

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Soft plastic stores very well with nothing on it. To help bag your baits where they slide easily, just use worm oil. Over the years, I have tried scents and scented oil and have found no oil at all works best for long term storage.  Add scent for short term use within 3-4 months. My .02.

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Since oil does not dissolve in water it can't disperse and attract fish - maybe one should consider something that dissolves

in water and forget the oil base.

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23 hours ago, Eric C said:

 what can i use to store my plastic baits?olive oil,vegatable oil?Has anyone ever heardof using flour mixed with your hooks to prevent rusting?  

check the date eric, this thread is 12 years old since the last comment, everyone overlooks that sometimes lol.

any way, if its my own personal stuff i use a drop of veggie oil in the bag. when exposed to water it will come right off and leave no scent at all.

as for flour and hooks thats old wives tail to absorb moisture to prevent rusting and there is truth to it but its far easier and less messy to just use raw uncooked rice instead

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