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Unglued Crank Bait Bodies?

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So for topwater, What are you lookin for? gets their blanks from one of the only American injectors I know of that offers any significant selection. Most US injectors are contract based & don't catalog the work. They would want you to supply the mold/s.

Your best bet would be looking overseas. I've talked with more than a few manufacturers & a lot is lost in translation. They have a hard time wrapping their head around why we don't want them assembled, painted & pre-packaged.

Trying to get them unglued would probably be more of a task.

Good luck, if you come across anyone & wanna share, let us know.

All the best.

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thanks again Redg8r i am tryin to come up with a line of new modern style stick baits more life like. i have been making them for last 20 yrs from wood. i have designed a bait but needs to be plastic for special effects. maybe ill have to start injecting my own

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