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I posted this to the "etex set hard..." thread below, but I wanted to start a new one here 'cause I wanted to make sure everyone saw it. I don't know if this has been posted here before or not. I learned it off a rodbuilding site. This really only applies to anyone using bottles of epoxy like etex that have a screw on cap. Anyway, get yourself some syringes. DO NOT get them from a medical supply store...the kind with the rubber plungers. Most of these are lubricated with silicone and will cause all sorts of problems. The ones you need, you can get from Flexcoat, a rodbuilding finish company and don't have a rubber plunger. You may be able to get them directly from flexcoat, or you can order them from Anyway, drill a hole in the cap that the syringe tip (nipple) will fit into snugly. Then, the syringe itself becomes the cap because you will never have to take the cap off again. Just turn the bottle upside down and draw out what you need. Just make sure that you don't share syringes between bottles. I promise you guys, this method is the absolute fastest and best thing since sliced bread for mixing epoxy from a bottle. You will never weigh it out or pour it out in puddles again. I hope this helps some of you.


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