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First off I want to say Hi to everyone here. I just joined a couple weeks ago and have been soaking up info from here like a sponge. I want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me with info through PMs.

I needed a Lure spinner/Dryer so I made one similar to one I saw here.

I then decided I would need something to hold the Lure while I was sealing it and the when I was painting it.

This works great and it was so easy to make.

I cut a 2X4 to 24"

I drilled two 3/4" holes and installed two pieces of 3/4" dowel.

I then drilled a hole through the top of each dowel.

I inserted a screw bolt though a washer then through the hole.

I center drilled a small piece of dowel for each side and screwed that small piece of dowel onto the eye bolt.

I used a wingnut to keep tension on the bolt.

I inserted a cup hook in the dowel and used rubber bands to hold the lure between the two hooks.

I can now spin the lure with either hand and the rubber bands keep just enough tension on the lure to keep it spinning nicely.

I made my drying rack tall enough that I can work on the lure directly below it so moving it up to spin is a cinch.

This only cost me a couple dollars to make. It's not high tech but it's going to work just fine.


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Nice job ex,guess it,s time i built one getting tired of turning by hand and only being able to etex one at a time. Thanks for the inspiration.

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