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I just made my first wooden lure and wanted to know what paint people like to use? I will probable paint with a brush and spray paint everything I do till I get the hang of it. Are any of the paints at the hobbie, craft, or hardware store good for lure painting? and last what clearcoat finish is the best for wooden lures?(spraycan) Most of what Ill be building are going to be swimbait and top water bass/striped bass lures.

Thanks for any help,


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One of the guys on TU that is getting some great results is rlcam. He claims he is just starting out but paint jobs he turns out using rattle cans will make you take notice of what an art form the process is. Do some searches for his work and you'll understand why all the guys he works with around the are always keeping him busy with repaints. I'm hoping he'll be putting together a rattle can tutorial together so can document a successful paint method to others gain a general idea of to make it work. Here is a link to one of his threads.

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