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That trout will be the ticket in the late winter.

Look for where San Diego Water and Power drops off their replacement power poles, and steal one to throw that bait! And stop by Mission Bay and pick up an Accurate two speed reel to mount on it. Maybe you can make a deal for a used setup from a sword fish guy.

Seriously, I made a 12" surface trout that weighs well over six ounces (it's the five piece trout in the gallery), and it's all I can do to throw it with my 8' Shimano Crucial extra heavy swimbait rod. I'm good for about a half hour of that, and then it's back to the "featherweight" 10", four ounce swimbaits.

I don't even through trout lures after May, because they stop stocking, and the bass get onto the shad bite, so they ignore the trout unless you hit them on the head.

I have gotten bit on 6" crappie and bluegill swimbaits, but that gets slow, too, when the bass are on the shad and crawdads in the summer and early fall.

Now late fall is a different story.........

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