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Another Swimbait vid

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not bad not bad at all...

the only thing i see is that it seems to have a lot of roll to it......

good luck with it....:wink:

The video is great.

I notice the roll, too. Do you have any low ballast weights in the front section? For my jointed lures, that seems to be the key to limiting roll.

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Is that really "roll"? Or does it seem so due to the "huntin'" action? Serious question 'cause I can't tell for sure. OK so I'm old and sight ain't what it used to be (the old gray mare crap :P). Seems to have great "s" action and looks just fine (paint, etc.).

If it does roll, then Mark is right on. Add small amt. of lead to belly of first section. You can do this with suspend strips or dots. Add them one at a time until roll stops, take them off, weigh them, add that amt of lead at lowest point possible.



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I think , that the roll of particulary the front section is a result of the very realistic pike shape with its slightly upward curved jaws .

Also the rather round or oval cross-section of that pike makes it harder to find "track" in the water .

Maybe some more weight might help , concerning this I would suggest exactly the same location as captsully18 .

All in all I find this mouth shape and toweye location tricky in terms of stable swimming , I guess , that if the jaws would be less curved upward , thus the toweye located lower , the roll problem would be minor:? .

But that's just theory of someone , that can never make as beautiful lures as you do:?:huh: !

And who said , that big pike won't especially bite a smaller one , when this one comes dangling along in a very strange manner , obviously they did already:wink: .

Greetz , diemai

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Nice Swimbait Jeep! Ok to avoid the rolling action might seem to be nicer for us fishermen, but I think especially pikes like lures with rolling action, so keep on fishing it. And tight lines.

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