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Sorry for not searching this topic to much, first of all...

Im making some wood musky baits. I was wondering if I could get some tips?

What steps should I follow from a wood blank to a finished product?

-Wood sealer? what kind or brand?


-Best airbrush for the money, where to find it?

-The correct Paint,where to purchase?

-The best top coat product?

Sorry for not digging to deep in recent post but I would like to order everything this week and Im sumwhat pressed for time. Thanks in advance to all for any help!

Rick Meldrum:yay:

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There are near as many answers to this question as there are registered users on TU.

Here are my steps and they will work with any wood bait.

Install all hardware before you seal the bait. Put the lip (if any) in after you paint the bait if that will work.

Sealer: Propionate

Primer: White or what ever color lacquer.

Airbrush: I own a few but I like the Badger 360 for all around painting.

Paint: Lacquer I mix my own paints and primers with clear lacquer.

Pigments for lacquer: Huls 844 colorant. (this might be hard to find)

Topcoat. One spray with clear lacquer and then topcoated with propionate, or 2 or 3 airbrushed coats of Dick Nites (for Musky baits I would use more coats).

Sealing is as important if not more than the topcoat.

This is not to say that this the final answer on this topic but it is how I do it.

Good ventilation is required.

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