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Just noticed we have hit 8,000 members. I have been watching it for a while and missed who was No 8,000. Welcome to them all.pete

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To think, I remember back when we had less than 1000, Far less than 1000.

Yep im still alive guys(for those 1000 that might remember me), Came back because somebody sent me a message. Im out of the Lure industry though, still in the fishing industry. If you want/need to get a hold of me you can at cj@oeexpress.com

Roger and LP, Somebody send me an email if you see this. I have a ton of stuff for you 2 and want to get it off to you. Work has had me really tied down and I just havnt been able to make time to get ahold of you (and i finally got my home computer back after 9 months).

CJ Siebler

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