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I am looking into using a small buzz blade (1/8 oz size) as a tail for a small swimbait, like the tail on the Daiwa Dead or Alive bait. I was just wondering if you guys could help me figure out a way to mount this and be able to use a rear hook hanger. Basically it will be like a prop bait but with a small buzz blade instead of a prop. Can it work and be sturdy enough?

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Look up a lot of the saltwater plugs and use that type of through wire. They're a single wire with twisted ends at head and tail. Swivels or other twisted wire make hangers in the middle. Leave the center wire long, put a bead, blade then another bead on. Then twist the eye in. Make sure you leave a little extra so the blade can spin freely. could use screw eyes. Twist up a wire big enough for the blade, loops at both ends. Attach front end to screw eye, back end to split ring and hook.

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