Deep Crankbaits

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Off the top of my head, TU members Coley and Skeeter leap first to mind for well-made reliable cranks that will do that job for Bass fishermen.


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Marty Burns made this one for me (cedar).

20' is no problem, and I've kneeled it down to 24' (cranking with 20 lb. braid).

The best super-deep crank I've ever used. The bait has a pronounced wiggle without a lot of roll, so there is some resistance quite a bit livlier than something like a Poe's 400P or 3/4 Hot Lips - but not a jackhammer like the Sisson P-20. mart3.jpg

Poe's makes a bait called the Competition Cedars 4500 LR that is also killer, and easily breaks 20'. This bait has a very smooth, tight rolling action (DD22ish).

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