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New popper body material

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I had one of the new artificial wine corks, so I took it, sanded it into a popper shape, cupped the face and put a through wire from front to back. It floats great, and hangs perfect without ballast.

Totally waterproof.

I was just goofing off, so it's not pretty, but I'm going to play around with priming and painting tomorrow. It's a soft matl., so I'll probably topcoat it with Nu Luster 55, which is a more flexible topcoat than D2T. If it were a hard plastic, D2T would be my choice.

Right now it just has a tail hook. I'm still debating whether to make another hook hanger with a loop to intercept the long, front to back through wire.

Has anyone else tried this stuff yet?

I know, I know, it's just another excuse to drink more wine, like I needed one. :sauced:

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We have a problem....Everyone say it....we have problems! Everything in the world ends up with hooks in it doesnt it?

One year I collected a BUNCH of old earrings from friends and family......... It was fun making spinners out of them........... :yeah:

Guess it is time for some wine with dinner......... :);)

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I can admit it. Everything I look at I envision with a hook in it somehow somway. Or else I am trying to figure out how it would swim. Speaking of swimming I am using the internet down at our local bar and grill. You all should check out the shape of these salt and pepper shakers.:whistle:

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