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My, first guess, is it's an in-line spinner, with the (body) fish being cast from lead. How's it made. wire is put in a mold, lead is poured, lead body is painted, clevis with willow blade is put on next, loop and wire wrap on top of that at head. Tail section; hair is tied on body or wire shaft, probably another wire wrapped loop with treble hook in place or you can put on treble hook with a split ring. It's pretty easy to do if you have the tools. I have a mold similar to this. I'll post a picture later tonight.

I see you're new here, welcome to TU. Sign up as a member and join in on the fun. Also this thread should be in the wire bait sect., as you will get more responses and input from there. Mod's maybe you can move this to the appropriate place.

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@ zisoua

At first , welcome to TU :):yay:

cadman hit it right , that fish body is cast from lead .

I have a lure with exactly the same body style , but with a different blade .

It was sold by one of the bigger German tackle companies , but I guess , that they have imported it from a manufacturer in the Far East , like many other tackle companies worldwide do , so same or similar lurestyles are around in different places of the world .

Hardly any of these companies still manufacture by themselves , only have their name print on their stuff .

Greetz , diemai

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