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I had been using what I think they call Tulle, sold in the fabric area of many stores for my smaller scale patterns. The problem I had with it was it is more of a plastic texture versus the larger netting and is actually a little scratchy on the base paint, didn't conform well to the bait shape (which was my top complaint), blah blah blah, hated the stuff.

I was walking through Bass Pro Shop the other day and saw a 99 cent minnow net. It is the best 99 cents I have spent in a long time. I took that netting off, cut it into two pieces and have been using it and love it. This mesh acts like the larger scale mesh many of us use and really lets you conform to the bait, or stretch it and alter the shape of the openings, it is soft so no more scratches to the underlying base coat due to trying to stretch it. I'd buy more of it if I could buy it in bulk! But for now it will be 99 cents at a time!

Just wanted to share the info and was wondering if folks had favorite versions of supplies or methods they like to use and wanted to share.

I have also made a BUNCH of templates from overhead projector acetates (clear overlays) I got at the office supply. They really speed up applying lines and patterns and are cheap to use and experiment with. I tend to apply a tape to the outer border of many to make them a little less floppy or to maintain the desired gap.

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I found a fabric in the material department of wallmart. It wasn't tulle but a softer fabric almost silky with octagon shape. They just had a small amount left, I bought all that and ordered more. Hope this helps.

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I found a small material store the other day and bought 2 meters of a plain hexagon mesh material for $2.

It feels a bit stiff as new, but a few washing machine cycles should solve that problem. That maybe all that is required to loosen up the tulle material.


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