180 turn? Lip or none?

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mark poulson    1,680

I've never put a lip on a TT copy, so this is only a guess.

I think the reason the TT turns is that the head is rear weighted, and has very little front weight, so the back of the head, and the rest of the lure, can easily "push" past the head on the pause because they're heavier. If you put a lip on one, it would probably make the front of the head want to stop more quickly, and harder to turn on the pause.

But, if you have the time and the energy, make up a prototype and see if it works.

Then let me know, so I don't have to do it myself! ;)

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Vodkaman    888

The reason a swimbait does a 180 deg turn, is that when you 'twitch' it and stop, a big vortex is thrown over one side of the back of the lure. Because the bait is not moving forward, the vortex stays in contact with the lure and keeps pushing on the tail, forcing the bait to turn around.

My guess is that it would turn with lip, but may not be strong enough to make 180. To be honest, I can make an argument for and against and would be very interested in the result of this experiment, to refine my swimbait theory.

Will the lure swim without the lip?

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Cal Bassin    10

I make multiple jointed baits, and they all turn some what to the right. I have some that have a MS Slammer lip, and modified rounder lips of the MS lip, and lip or no lip, they all turn. The degree is obviously different with no lip vs lip.

I like the vortex theory!!!

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