Alternative Lipless Crankbait Designs?

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Bob - "Throw to the gnarliest part of a laydown and twitch it out, hitting every branch you can! Nobody said a crank bait was supposed to last forever!"

This is the best part about not paying for them, fishing with gay abandon - not quite sure what a "laydown" is, but presume it is a fallen tree, or a 'snag' here.pete

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Haz - Right on both counts! I build lures for friends/myself and one good reason is that it is very irksome losing $15-20 custom lures to shore cover snags. Make them yourself and fish them as they SHOULD be fished - with abandon and confidence. I fish and see crankbaits as almost purely functional objects. And yes, a laydown is a partially submerged tree that toppled into the water but did not float away (which would make it just a Hazard to Navigation!).

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