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Hey everyone, I want to know how to make swimbaits and Rat L traps out of wood. I dont have machines but i do have like sand paper, saws, and couple of random wood that i dont know. I do have some paint too but im not quite sure does it fit with painting lures. What kind of paint is needed if it is only hand brush and not using an airbrush. Im sick buying lures and losing some thats y i want to start making them haha. Do any of you guys have like a picture tutorial on making deep diving crank baits, Rat L traps, and swimbaits. I would appreciate it Thanks. :)

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@ Wanttomakelures

Between the lines of your post I can read , that you intend making your own lures mainly because of money-saving reasons :yes:.

Well , in my opinion , our passion for carving and painting lures is not that much cheaper than buying lures in a shop , since you need to invest into a lot of material , when you get more and more perfect through the time and would wish your lures to get more perfect as well :yes:.

Of course you might start out from scrab idling around in the garage , but trust me , it won't satisfy you for a long time .

To get more info about how to make wooden lures , you must take up the task and browse through the forums here , it might take some time , but you can already get a lot of info that way , to later specify about some questions left to ask :yes::yay:.

A wooden vibrating lure would never perform like a commercial plastic one , simply because you could never place as many rattlin' BB's into it , so it would be a lot more "quieter" .

But if you still wanna try it , just copy the shape of a commercial in wood , utilize screweyes as hookhangers and you need to place a lot of weight under the chin and belly of that lure to achieve proper function , that is , what I think is the easiest way !

But if you only want to save money , and you're not into the craze of lurecarving(not yet ?) , you might as well obtain plastic lure kits from big mail order stores , these you just have to glue together and paint them , and they get close to commercial lures .

Check http://www.luremaking.com for this , but there might be others , that I don't know .

Good Luck , diemai

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Hi Wanttomakelures,

Diemai has summed it up. He has also mentored me recently.

I used to fish for Cod and make my own pirks out of golf shafts filled with lead. I could make 200 a session (2 hours) and the cost was the cost of the scrap lead. When I discovered other anglers were fishing for Bass with plugs I thought I would make my own. I live in UK but converted plugs are on sale for about 15 dollars here.

With Diemai's help I am now confident that I can produce all sorts of wood blanks, weight & add hook hangers etc but my progress has ground to a halt because I have not yet decided how to finish the lures.

I was going to try photo finishing. Printing onto tissue paper then glueing the image onto the lure but have just jammed my printer and am in trouble from the OH. I could hand paint but then I would be ashamed if someone else saw my efforts. I am currently considering buying an airbrush & paint but this represents a substantial investment and quite frankly for the accumulated costs it would be cheaper for me to purchase the finest lures available as I need them.

I have now realised lure making is an absorbing hobby that I will probably get into seriously but I no longer see it as a way of producing cheap lures.


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