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I've done just that, and it worked. I use water-based air brush paint.

If you're using solvent-based paint, you may have to do something different, like clearing with a coat of water-based first, to separate the two paint schemes. But it might work fine. Test it with a drop of your paint on the back of an LC lure.

I've also taken fifteen minutes, and removed all the paint, scraping with the back of an exacto knife, wet sanding with 330 grit, and then wiping down with acetone.

They come out dead clear, ready for a hint of irridescent violet and a coat of Nu Luster 55. Dynamite ghost color scheme.

But don't tell anyone. :wink:

guys a friend has ask me to repaint a LC Pointer:(. is is possible to paint over a LC Lure? would i just ruff up the existing clear coat and repaint as i do other lures?
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1. Scuff with 400 grit sand paper

2. wash with Soap and water

3. Shoot with Bulldog Adheasive promoter

4. Auto Air Base White or black sealer

5. Paint the bait

6. Clear coat it

Your good to go! I have painted over 2,000 baits or so.. heck I lost count long time ago.. But I think I had 2 or 3 paint failures out of 2,000 plus baits. And the 2 or 3 came from the first 50 baits I painted... Since I started using bulldog I havent had anyone call me or complain.

Good Luck

The Rookie

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