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Shane8stud    10

Ok i know someone can help me on this. I've searched the forums both wide and deep. I only custom paint lures, my dad kind of got interested in making swimbaits today, he was just wondering on how to make the double eye hooks. The screw with the closed hook on it, to have both sides screws, but be closed and connected in the middle. I hope yall understand what i'm saying. Just wondering the best way to make these, thanks again and you all have a wonderful day!

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diemai    228

@ Shane8stud

If you're talking 'bout those two(pairs) of interconnected screweyes to make up for a simple hinge , well these consist of a "closed eye" screw and an "open eye" screw .

After having them screwed into proper , aligned position into the two opposing sections to be hinged , you'd just poke the open eyes through the closed ones and bend them close with slender pliers(takes some practice , try on a scrap piece first to learn about it !) .

Only obtain stainless steel screweyes , brass ones are prone to break easier:yes: .

I buy all my screweyes(open and closed) from Welcome to Moore's Lures .

This way of hinging only works on sections with straight planes , not angled , hollowed or scooped out ones , since on these you would not have sufficient sideward access with the pliers to bend close the open eye !

Greetz , diemai

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Snax    0

What I've done is to first build the swimbait with the closed screw eyes in one section and holes pre drilled into the opposite section.

Once the lure is clear coated and ready to assemble I squeeze the open eye screws close onto the ones in the first section then I melt in some industrial hot glue into the pre drilled holes in the other body section.

Immediately I insert the now squeezed shut eye screws into those holes with the fresh hot glue and push the screws into the holes while being careful not to get the glue onto the area where they are inked together.

It's really tricky to do just right and is a complete pain in the ass...but it works if you have the bodies notched in a V as I do.

It's really strong too as I have done extensive testing and snapped a downrigger cable I used to hold the lure to a tree while I reefed violently on the lure with my fishing rod and reel. The lure remained fine! My line was a 100lb test super braid too and I wasn't able to even budge the glued in screw eyes.

Hope this helps!

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BobP    805

You can also make interlocked screw eyes from hand twisted stainless steel wire. It's easy to do. Clamp a drill bit the size you want the eyes into a vise. Bend a length of ss wire around the bit, grab the ends with vise-grip pliers and start twisting wire. When the first screw eye is finished, do the same with a second piece of wire but thread the first screw eye on one of the wire ends before you start twisting. Voila, a screw eye joint that you can make any size with the shafts any length you like. I use .031" wire or .029" 12 gauge 180 lb leader wire for mine. I think it will work with wire at least up to .043".

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