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its been a while...

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Hi all,

Its been ages since i came here. how have you all been? not sure if you all remember me. i've been browsing through the stuff on the board and much of it is mind-blowing! anyway, i've only just got back to making lures again. I used to fish for Pike and make gliders and swimbait. But where i am now the fish are much smaller (mostly Peacock bass of about 1kg). So i have started to make small lures- attached is a mini suspending glider which i just completed. I have developed huge respect for all those who make small lures - shape, balance, and weighting become even more critical! i can't seem to add a signature, so if you want to see other pics look here




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Kahawai, a BIG welcome back to TU and lure building.

You had already left TU before I joined. But I recognised your name straight away, from a discussion of your work.

Kahawai, king of the foamies
This was a quote that stuck in my head. This was another quote that tickled me too,
Are we going to allow guys to take live fish and put hook hangers in the bellies and tails and call them lures?

I see from your pic that it did not take long to retrieve your set of skills. Once again, welcome back.

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Welcome back Kahawai, still in Singapore? If so you've been fishing at the wrong place probably, there are big fishes there. It's not me in the pictures though:(IMG_2336.jpgIMG_2341.jpg

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LOL Kahawai, email or YM me. Don't think my friend will appreciate me announcing his phone number to the world. Oh... offering me a bribe could expedite things too:teef::teef:

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