What kind of epoxy?

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Up at the top of the page there is a search button. If you do a search on types of epoxy you will find endless amounts of entertaining threads. But they will also answer your question. There are to many to list over and over. But a few are D2T, DickNites, NewLustre55,and on and on.

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BobP    805

One popular clearcoat epoxy is Devcon Two Ton 30 min epoxy. Another is Envirotex Lite. The 5 min Devcon is not suitable because it cures too fast, turns brown eventually, and does not level out well. Dick Nite Lurecoat is a moisture cured polyurethane. JMHO, the Devcon Two Ton is the easiest to use in terms of cure time, leveling, one coat thickness, and lack of "gotchas". Make sure you measure accurately and mix thoroughly when using any epoxy.

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