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@ zisoua

These type of lures are very old designs , in fact probably the first floating-at-rest but diving-on-retrieve baits in history .

They are simply turned down on a lathe with their body somewhat "elongated egg" shaped and transisting into a "funnel"-like mouthpiece .

The top portion of this "funnel" is after cut away plane at a certain angle , screweyes installed.......and the blank is done !

Such lures cast very well , since their center of gravity is located in their rear part , but you cannot compare their diving performance and wobble frequency to "modern" lipped crankbaits , they don't usually dive as deep and their wiggle is most likely somewhat more smooth .

But still I like them.........:yay:!

PS : Check http://www.thehardbaitdatabase.com , there click on "collector's links" , you might find some of sucha lure models there , the probably most well known is called "Rush Tango Minnow"

Greetz , diemai

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