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I first used Envirotex Lite. I like it but it does have some odor concerns. I switched to crystal Sheen because of low odor. I can not do as many baits per mix with it. And it is affected by cold and humidity more than the Lite. I have now switched to EX-74 Much better all around qualities for me. It seems to be harder and I can do many more baits per mix than I could with the Sheen. Mark Smith (Smuttly Dog Baits)

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:yay: When I called them to speak to a product knowledge specialist, They also reccomended the EX-74 but said it is not as hard as the crystal sheen. Also you have to buy that by the gallon. They reccomended me to try the Easy Cast. I have not gotten around to it, But I will. They did say that the crystal sheen has more tendency to yellow some. I have not seen this. The pot life is longer with easy cast.

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