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I am new to making fishing lures. I have managed to make and paint my own lures, but I am struggling with the finishing? I haven't managed to find the right product to seal and finish with. I was hoping for a dip in product to finish with. Please advise.:(

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@ kurt

I assume , that your location is Essex/England , so many of those topcoating products mentioned here on TU might be hardly available in Europe , I only know about "Envirotex" , since many Dutch and Belgian luremakers are using it .

Also know about Finnish builders using clear concrete lacquer to dip their baits in about 6 to 8 times , haven't used it myself , but got some swapped jerkbaits finished that way , and I can tell , that these have a rock-hard surface !

I use simple epoxy and two-component lacquer , that I purchase from a German tackle component supplier .

I would advise you , to utilize the SEARCH FUNCTION here on TU , there are a lot of infos on topcoating around here , for suppliers worldwide you may check a list up at Lure Fishing UK , on their startpage click on "links"(yellow lure symbol) , there are a lot of shops listed there .

I haven't thoroughly checked British shop links there , but I have seen , that Dutch and one or two German component/lure shops listed carry at least "Envirotex" . Some have sites with English language option !

good luck , diemai

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