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I get mine from Tower Hobbies, they have a website... All different kinds of thicknesses. If you order check that you don't want offers e-mailed to you though, because they will send a ton.

Good luck,


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Local sign shop works for me they buy it in 4x8 5x10 etc sheets for sign faces if the signs only say 5x9 you got 4sq feet of waste thats a lot of lips.The last time i stopped in for some the guy was going to give me a piece 15"x48" for free ,i pulled out a $20 he wouldn,t take it so i threw a $5 bill on his bench and said i,d like to come back for more he smiled and said any time.According to him the only stuff better than what he gave me might be the stuff the nascar boys use for windshields don,t know about that but might be worth looking into.Another thing is the plastic is 1/8 thick which is ok for the baits i,m building he did have a thinner one but can,t remember exactly what thickness it was.You might want to know what it is you need before you go in bugging someone with a bunch a questions.You want polycarbonate not plexiglass etc it,s all on here.

Another thing he told me was to sand the edges somewhat smooth this will help eliminate stress points?? where the plastic might fail.


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