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has anyone used???

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has anyone put the powder painters use for the pearl/color change in D2T? or should i topcoat then top coat with a clearcoat with the pearl in it? if its under the D2T will you see the color change?

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I use them all the time in my epoxy clear for highlights. Not D2T, but it shouldn't make a difference. As mentioned, you only need a small amount. 1-2% by weight, and it must be over a dark background. Black brings out the biggest color shifts, but you can get different effects over other colors, like dark purples, blues, and greens. For best color-changing effects, I mix it in Auto-air clear and mist it on in several fine layers, then clear the bait. That's the way you're supposed to apply it as you see on cars. Same 1-2% by weight.

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