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Small bait dryer about as cheap as they come!

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OK, the goal was how can I make a functional dryer for small baits (sorry musky dudes and dudettes)!

I am a bit of a pack rat so I often have left over / saved stuff.

So I acquired an on sale rotisserie motor (I think it was about 15$, bought it a year ago and never did this)... and 6 clips (under 5$ inc. tax Northern Tool)

Step one disassemble the motor housing and figure out how to mount by tapping it out with what I have.

(I used to have some taps but couldn't find them)

So I put a round peg, uh ..drill bit in a square hole.


Used a pair of vice grips and a harder steel bolt gently started into the hole.


Result is enough threads to get r dun


Next, using spare hex head screws, a small drill bit for pilot holes, an old spool of line (well OK not so old yet for this example),

an old saved bolt, washers and nut, and my purchased 6 clips.

A side note here, is Suffix line is great, but the spools work out fabulous as the center of the spool is hexagonal!

Thus an even better choice for this project and really the only choice available. :lol:

Drill pilot holes in spool, and tap out the plastic coating on the clips as the holes are already in the clips.

Screw the clips down to the spool carefully and run the larger bolt through the spool and tighten down the back nut.

Note it has a lock washer built into the nut or you would have to use two nuts and a washer.


Mount the motor to an available spot on the workbench in the garage.


Screw the bolt/spool to the motor, attach lures to the motor and start drying!


And I never imagined this hanger I used as a Bow Hanger when hunting would awaken to have a second life to hang an air brush and hose when not in use. :lol:


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I will say that if I had seen some of the enexpensive rod dryers available on eBay now, a year ago I would probably have bought one and simply removed the rod holder and added a luan board and clips to it.

But I had this motor and well.... waste not want not...

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I made one with those clips and I had trouble with the lure slipping and then 2 lures touching each other :nono:

I removed them because of that.

You might want to put a strip of tape around the bill and clamp to hold it in place if you see them moving.

I think mine did it because of the bil style

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You are correct!

I experimented a bit before using the clips and found that for baits like the RC2.5 and some others where there is a lot of depth to the bill or if it is really rounded you need to use tape. However push come to shove I have found I can also clamp in the hobby knife blades holding the baits and I make sure they are clamped down solidly before coating and mounting. Someone showed a similar motor being used where they took a 2x6 and cut it in a circle and mounted clips on the side. This works well also as it allows you to clamp the hobby knifes easier.

If you are concerned over weight of your baits, length etc. DEFINITELY do not mimic this exactly. And test everything before you put a top coat on.

I will try to get pictures of my other low cost method soon. Same motor same tapping out the bolt, but this uses an old spool that held rope (FREE from Lowes) and allows connecting the baits between the sides of the spool. Down side is you require more space because both sides of the shaft must be supported.

Like I said this one is for small baits and was more for creativity, space considerations and $.

I'd love to see more folks creativity and functionality in small batch methods. So post those pictures.

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Here is a similar set-up that I made. I just jammed a dowel into the end of an old aluminum arrow and filed the end square to fit into the motor shaft.

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Well, the picture won't post for some reason.

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