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mililanius    10

I am wanting to take some lure designs that i have drawn in 3D CAD and export them to a CNC machine and have an aluminum mold made. Thought it might be easier to start off with a blank Do-It Mold but wasn't sure. Does anyone have any experience doing this type of thing? Costs? Amount of work? Best way to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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jigman2    10

I would think that if you have done the digitising in cnc format that you could take the disk to a cnc shop have them check your work and get a price for cutting the mold. My experiance is that a cnc use runs about $125. $200 an hour plus material.

Hope this helps


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Bender    10

I'm working on the same thing here. I made some preliminary bait designs with Rhinoceros but I need to tidy them up. I think that I will also draw the entire mold cavity and include the vents and pouring spout. That way all the machine shop will have to do is run the drawing through their CAM software and cut it.

The vents are what I'm worried about getting right though. I'll keep you posted if I have any luck. Let us know if you find anything too.

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