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Bluegill Prototype #4 & Striper Video's

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Thanks Riverman. That is my second attempt @ the pin hinge design.

I've seen your lures, keep up the nice work. You guy's on here have taught me so much. I'm still working on another hinge design, less complicated. As you can tell, I'm deffinately hooked.

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You are located in a good spot for big fish Mark. I have a friend that fishes some of my baits on the Delta........some great fishing to be had over there. I hope to fish the Delta myself some day.


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You're right about there being some big fish out here.

But with the drought we're having in California, and the entire West Coast, the lake levels are dropping fast, and boat ramps are coming out of the water.

Plus, the water districts are taking advantage of the draw downs to do maintenance, so the levels in some lakes are dropping even faster.

If it doesn't rain El Nino-like pretty soon, whatever fish are left will be swimming shoulder to shoulder in the shrunken lakes.

The drought is affecting the Delta, too.

With less fresh water coming down from the Sierras and from up north, due to lack of snow melt, the Delta is becoming more salty, as ocean water moves up and takes the place of the missing fresh water.

Not a good thing.

Fingers crossed, and pray for rain.

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