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Paint seperating between layers.

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Thanks for the reply Captsully18 (David) and all the others that have responded, you and all the others have been very helpful. I will be stealing my wife's hairdryer from now on when painting lures and I'm also going to switch to Dicknite's. He has responded to my request and I will be ordering my first pint today. Well not really, my first pint :sauced: I should say my frist pint of Dicknite's.

Thanks again to ALL!!!!

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I recently switched from poplar to PVC decking for my jointed swimbaits, and learned something interesting.

The hardness of the lure body goes a long way in determining how the topcoat will perform.

I hit the rocks hard twice last week with one of my new lures, and it didn't even dent or scratch. It was painted with Createx, with two coats of Nu Luste 55 epoxy, which is similar to Etex.

I was amazed. :yeah:

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