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Just thought I would see what you guys thought about an airbrush kit that I got this weekend.It is a Paasche H siphon feed.I don't know much about it (or any gun for that matter),I was wanting to get your thoughts on it being my first starter gun.My nephew got it for some touch up at work and don't use it any more.The best part is that it was free.I got most of my junk cleared out of my new shop and now am in the process of getting it wired up.Maybe it won't be long now,before I can try my hand at the guns instead of the cans.I am clearing the last ten of about thirty I have done and am itching to try something new.I will be posting some pics as soon as they are dry.

It's been awhile since I have done much posting or reading on here,but seems everyone is keeping up the good work...Rob

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I started with the H model in the 80s on Radio Control car bodies. I still use it ater buying double action guns. I put in the #5 tip and spray auto primer, and clear coat, and the #3 for base coats. They come with decent directions, get some paper and practice thier tips and you are on your way. There are some pretty good web sites with instructional video clips if you search a little. Have fun!


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