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Good Morning Guys

This is my first real post, but I want to begin by telling you all how much I admire the work that I see on this site. I am a beginning painter and have a couple of patterns that work well on trout and when my airbrush confidence dictates, I will move on to some experimental patterns. That said, here is my dilema, I am repainting some yellow cedar lures which will be used off downriggers between 60 and 120 feet deep. What steps should I take to insure that the paint will not crack under that pressure? Some of these lures have hook eyes in them, some are new never painted lures with no hook eyes installed yet. Thanks in advance for your help


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I've never made a wood lure that went that deep intentionally. I've lost a few sinking lures over deep water, due to line snap during the cast, but that's it.

I'd think you have two things to deal with.

First, trying to stiffen the cedar so it doesn't move under pressure.

For that, Minwax Wood Hardener should work as a sealer/stiffener.

Second, you need a top coat that will flex under pressure without cracking.

For that, a decopage epoxy, like Etex or Nu Luster 55 should work fine.

I would put in the hook hangers, line ties, and all the hardware before I epoxy, so I can make sure the epoxy seals completely around the through the eyelets. I would coat them so they are completely sealed, by passing my epoxy brush through them from both directions, and swirling it around them.

Drill out the eyelets after the epoxy has set and cured completely. Center punch the eyelet with an awl, drill a small through hole with a drill bit, and then use a piece of sst wire, instead of a drill bit, to ream and clean out the epoxy from the eye, and you won't scar the line ties and other hardware, or leave sharp edges that can cut fishing line.

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