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Hello TU Members-

I am trying to make a top water frog and I really like the skirt legs on SPRO's Bronzeye frog. I'm not sure exactly what this material is called (official name) or where to find it. Basically, the qualities I like in this skirt are:

-Very flexible

-Vibrant Color

-Round (like spaghetti... but smaller diameter)

-Small Diameter

-Cut to Length (preferably)

Any help would be great!

Thanks in advance!


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@ Fishoey

This skirt material , that you are asking for , is refered as "living rubber" or "round rubber" in the PDF-download catalog of Welcome to Moore's Lures , but you can surely obtain it through other suppliers as well , but I am most familiar with that one .

These are 1" wide strips , the single skirt strands are pre-slotted , so after cutting to desired length and putting on a skirt collar , they can easily be separated for the final product , makes it far easier that way , than working all the single strands into the skirt collar(been there , done that , lol !:lol:)

Dick Moore sells them in 10' long pieces per color , doesn't have the greatest choice , but I guess , good prices for smaller amounts .

PS : Moores Lures has a business vacation thru February and March , I guess , check catalog enty page for this !

good luck:yay: , diemai

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The skirt material your looking for is pretty common... and there are several suppliers listed in the Supplier Directory that should be able to help. Among the mainly would be, LureCraft, Netcraft, Hagen's, Stamina, Barlows... Just check their websites, you should have no problem finding a sourse.:yay:

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