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A good lure to start with?

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I've been building wood topwater lures for a couple years and I would like to build some diving lures. What's a good design to start out -- the easiest design? deep crank, shallow crank, minnow? I have a lathe.

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@ robalo01

Guess , you should make your decision after your own personal fishing demands , are you fishing deeper or more shallower waters ?

But after my own experience it is easier to successfully build shallow diving and medium diving crankbaits and minnow lures rather than deep running ones !

There are a few models around , that can be turned on a lathe , but in general I'd say , that such a round , spindle shaped blank is not the very best body shape for a crankbait , it often tends to roll too much for my taste , but this also depends on lip size , location and angle , oval or flat cross-sectioned ones are superior in my opinion .

If you really don't have any idea , I'd suggest to browse through the gallery and see , whether you could get some first input in there .

You might also check Lurebuilding 101 , it's a Dutch site , but English version available , not quite sure , but apart from glider jerkbaits there might be some describtions on crankbaits there as well .

good luck :yay:, diemai

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It is easier to start with shallow running cranks that have the line tie on the body of the lure. You won't have to worry about mounting the line tie on the surface of the lip or how far out to place it for best action.

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