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Cheap Flashing (No raincoats required)

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Just got back from my local Dollar Tree where I went to purchase their "delux" mylar fishing flash! Actually I had noticed they had childrens Pom Poms in red, Green & silver, and having snuck a strand or two of one of the pom poms (red in this case) I tested it in salty water for a week or so to see how it would hold up. It did just fine so I tied it into a couple of treble bucktails. It worked great so I went back to blow a dollar or two on the pom poms. Guess what! The had just stocked their easter stuff and had gobbs of mylar material for use in Easter baskets. It was better looking than the pom poms. Colors were gold, silver, red, blue, purple and green. Each strand is approximately 1/8 inch wide or maybe a little less. Bought one of each. Should last me 1 or 2 million years.

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