Best way to create mold from a real fish?

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I've just ordered some Oomoo silicone which I think will be perfect for what I need it for. I'm also going to pick up some smoothcast 300 for prototyping. no need to have the right density during that stage. I just need a quick methos of making identical lure bodies for experimenting with joint spacing,joint faces hinging methods etc.

There's been some really good discussions on here as of late regarding all the intricacies of swimbait design and I'm going to put them all to good use! :yay:

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Not to bring up an old thread, but here is a link on taxidermy molds How to mold a white crappie fish sculpture out of fiberglass | Wonder How To

At the point in the video where he reinforces it with polyester resin, I have seen some people do the same whit latex mold builder and plaster. Guess there is a few ways to do it.

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