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I was making a batch of Basswood crankbait bodies and I decided not to cut lip slots into a couple to use for making a couple of double prop baits. If you were making a double prop rounded flat side top water bait between 2.375" and 2.5" would you weight the baits?

The only other prop baits I have done were cigar/spook shaped baits and I didn't weight them but it was heavier hardwood. They worked quite well, but I really don't want to prototype if I don't have too.


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@ 76gator

Very tiny baits , not much room and buoancy left for weighting , anyway:( .

But since your baits are obviously flat-sided , you surely oughta place a belly keel weight at their deepest part of belly , otherwise they might float up lop-sided .

Also two props turning into same direction provide more centrifugal force than only one , probably causing the bait to lay on its side on retrieve .

Because of this , I would go for counter-rotating props whenever possible .

Just a few thoughts........!

good luck :yay:, diemai

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