Components for my spray booth?

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I've read a lot over that past few months about spray booths and I just moved so I have to get one made because I'm in an apartment now. I think I'm going to make a smaller version of this:

Here is where I'll be putting it:


And the distance to the window:


Here is the opening in the window that I will be putting the hose through:


I do use automotive paints and I spray my clear coat, so keep that in mind.

I'm going to use plywood for the box and that's really the only components I know what I need for sure.

What do I use for the filter that goes over the open hole in the booth?

What type of hose do you recommend?

Finally, and my biggest question. What fan do I use? I have searched forever for a fan. I don't want to spend hundreds on a fan. I know it needs to have the motor on the outside of the fan. Do you have any links to a fan that would work? As you can see in the pictures the hose will need to be about 6' long and will have two elbows in it.


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