First repaint...Am I doing this right?

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I've been searching through this site for about 2 hours reading mounds of technical jargon, expert tips, and probably some bs opinions (in fishing talk, really?!?) I've got a headache now, but would really like to know if the process I plan to use for adding a stripe on the back and another on the belly of a Super Spook is correct, and won't deter the action or add to much weight?

I'm starting with a BRAND NEW bone Super Spook, and would like to add a black stripe across the back, and thin orange stripe across the belly. This will be a rattle can/epoxy job, and details are not of great importance except a little fading (personally, the great details are for the marketing depts. if you ask me).

Don't claim to be an expert, just got tired of searching!! Wanted to make sure I'm doing this right from guys that actually know what they're doing!!! Anyone see any problems with this??

Step by step:

1. Scuff original surface with 400 grit (wet)

2. Wipe down.

3. Tape eyes, hangers

4. Tape sides to create desired stripe

5. Lightly dust stipe with paint (Testors from can, unless better suggestion)

6. Let paint dry, throroughly!

7. Re-tape to create opposite stripe

8. Lightly dust stripe with paint

9. Let 2nd paint dry

10. Coat with Flex Coat rod building epoxy (because I build rods, and have the stuff handy)

11. Let it sit in the spinner like a rod, and TaDah!!!


What's the best rattle can paint for this?

Should I epoxy over the eyes? wouldn't think so, myself

Everyone is high on this 2ton from Wal-Mart. Anything wrong with the Flex Coat?

How many coats of epoxy do you recommend?

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i've used Cabela's flex coat on a few lures, but not anymore. only a few casts and you'll observe scratches from the trebles... maybe your stuff is different, but my experience was a definite determinant to never use it again.

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I occasionally build rods so also started out with Flexcoat. I found that it yellowed more and faster than others, including Devcon Two Ton epoxy. Since the Devcon costs $2 at Walmart, it's a good cheap alternative. And it cures faster too so you only have to spin it for 45-60 mins. I always epoxy over the eyes. For bass baits, one coat of Devcon or Flexcoat is all you need. If you opt for a "table top epoxy" like Envirotex Lite, 2 coats are better because it goes on thinner.

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Your process sounds right.

A lot will depend on how the paint reacts with the top coat.

I'd probably do a small test just to be sure, but I learned most of what I know about painting from my mistakes.

If you're just fooling around, the Flexcoat will work, probably with two coats. But it pisses me off when I get a paint scheme I like, and then the top coat yellows and changes it completely. :flame:

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