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Polyurethane isn't as durable as other finishes like D2T, Dick Nites, and others commonly used. The debate on the subject continues to this day... You may want to search subjects like D2T, epoxy finishes, clear coating to mention a few. There is plenty of subject matter to look at ~ good luck.

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Bruce, he qualified that with, Water base clear gloss... which is not really polyurethane per se, but is a coating such as Polycrylic, which simply won't get it done when it comes to durability. It will look good on the lure, but it is simply a waste of time, product, and effort to apply this stuff to a fishing lure that you intend to use.

However a non-waterbase, non-yellowing urethane is a good clearcoat. Dicknite's topcoat, as Bruce mentioned, is an actual urethane, solvent catalyzed and moisture, or humidity, cured.


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