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Glide Baits - Rounded Edges?

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I have been making my glide baits out of maple and lyptus. I have been using a roundover router bit to round the edges so it's basically a rounded bait. The glide / turn action is good, but I was wondering if anyone has experimented with rounding the edges but not completely rounded. Hopefully, this makes sense. I have seen some baits where a rasp was used and the edges were just rounded a tiny bit. Just curious if anyone has seen changes in the action by rounding the bait more symmetrically or not.



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My experience has been that if you go from a slightly rounded edge to a radically round edge there will be a noticable difference in the action of "some lures". You just have to experiment, and experiment some more. Larger lures are less sensitive to change because of the additional mass.

I will add that you need all square edges of the lure to be rounded over or you won't be able to get clearcoat on it.

Jed V.

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This is where it gets tricky but can be very rewarding,I have played with different edge curves,even as far as fully rounding the front of my glider and then not totally rounding different areas in the rear,It changes the action ,so yes there is a lot to learn on this and you may come up with some great and different actions from the same old gliders

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