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Any help for a newbie?

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#21 diemai


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Posted 10 January 2009 - 07:11 PM

@ akjohno

Certainly you'd have to rig your lureblank with eyelets and hooks for testing it prior to painting and to determine about amount and location of eventually required ballast weight .

I would also advise you to first apply a protective topcoat to protect the blank from water sepage whilst testing , as this would probably render the wood heavier after a time and make up for inaccurate balancing of the lure .

Also the wood grain would rise up and you'd have to sand it smooth again before painting , which also could not be done straight away , since the bare wood must dry thorougly prior to further painting after the first test .

One or two topcoats of simple clear laquer are enough for the purpose(I prefer acrylic paint) , you might later buff it a bit for better adhesion of the first primer coats .

To determine about the weighting , I stick on some leadshot onto the lures belly with plastic tape , so I can quickly change amount and location for each test run in the pool or bath tub , I'd quickly find out about the best position that way .

After the test I'd permanently glue in the weights into holes drilled into the belly of the lureblank , close them and work flush to body outline .

Usually on crankbaits like your lure's shape the weights would be located between belly hook and diving lip , or just behind belly hook or both .

As a rule of thumb the more forward the weight is placed the deeper the lure would run , the more to the rear , the better it would cast .
But most likely a weight more behind would cause the lure to wiggle less !

So you see , it's a matter of trial and error , most likely !

Sorry , I can't think of any thread in particular to provide more basic info for you , but I'd recommend utilizing the search function on top right column of the page .

Type in a keyword like for example "ballast weights" , "thru wire" , "lip shape" , "diving lips" , "new to luremaking" , " , "lure shape" ,.........etc. , you'll definately get some results , but you'd have to browse your way through , you WILL find something useful to you !

I remember , that some time ago I have opened a few threads in here containing some step-by-step pictures , search for "banana lures" and "superbug" , maybe you would find something useful in there as well ?

Some brief describtions you will also find on

Lurebuilding 101 !

Should be the English version of that Dutch site .

good luck :yay:, diemai

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Posted 11 January 2009 - 05:22 AM

Well, i finally got to the pool today to test swim the new lure. I used the advice i received off the thread to make the lure more symmetrical etc. I tried the lure with the bib that was in the photo (the unpainted one) and it dead sticked to its left when swimming towards me. I tried some of my brother-in-laws cupped aluminium round bibs and it swam like a champion, had a nice wiggle etc. I then tried one of his aluminium bibs that was shaped like a guitar pick and when end for ended it so that the pointy end was out and the rounded end into the body (like a shovel nose shark), wow what a result!! It rolled, it wiggled and swam better than a bought one, might have to try and work out why now i guess.

#23 hazmail


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Posted 11 January 2009 - 06:56 AM

John- "might have to try and work out why now i guess".
Your in, your addicted, and you are gone - you realise this is the end of the world as you have known it. Better get used for those sleepless nights, and half hour showers.pete

#24 diemai


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Posted 11 January 2009 - 08:23 AM

@ akjohno

I 100% join in Pete's statement , you're finally hooked :yes:!

You've have gone through your first trial and error steps and you have succeeded !

I bet that you already have some new or different lure , or at least lip styles on your mind , that urge you to put to practice ;)!

Congratulations , surely you have already learned quite a bit about the crankbait dynamics , and yet more lessons to come !

PS : I often make aluminium bibs for my lures as well , they don't look as professional as transparent ones , but they have the advantage to carefully bend them up/down to alter the lures action or bend them straight , if the lipslot should have turned out to be not accurately 90 positioned to the center axis of the bait .

Also on smaller lures their increased weight might be sufficient to balance the lure , so no addition of extra weights might be neccessary .

Keep on carvin':yay:, diemai