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2fishon    10

Here is a tip to finding free lead or cheep lead. I've started making my own lead jigs. I own a printshop and 20 to 30 years ago and longer most printing was done on letterpress that use lead type. I looked around my shop and found that I still had a box of this old lead type.It works great for making lead jigs. If you know any printers that have been in business for a long time ask them if they have any old lead type collecting dust. Most are willing to give it to to you for free just to get rid of it. All type setting is done on computers now . I guess that is one thing we got out of these @#*^computers.

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Jig Man    81

I have about 50# of printers lead. I have found it to be quite a bit harder than plumbers lead and it requires more heat to melt and pour well. It is pretty good stuff just a bit harder to use.

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