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Teak oil is used on teak as a top dressing to maintain its golden brown color. It's not a finish and is not meant to be coated with other finishes. I don't think acrylic paint or most clearcoat finishes will adhere to it. There are several proven choices for undercoating - epoxy, poly, various wood sealers, propionate. Why not use one of them?

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Teak is a special wood. If you drop some sharp object and dent it, a wet towel and steam iron will raise the teak wood fibers and you can completely remove the dent with some 0000 steel wool and An-Teak oil.

Green teak trees require 12 month + to dry out enough to saw it. Then after being dried and made into furniture teak absorbs moisture from the air swelling joints, drawers and shelving. A teak oil is a must to reduce this moisture absorption.

The purpose of a teak oil such as An-Teak, is to condition teak wood, not make lures. I would suggest that you stay with WU recommended coatings.

Good luck!


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