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I would like some information on the best way to build a mold for pouring soft plastic baits. I need it to last until I get the one I am working on made frome silicone. Thanks.

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Actually I guess it would depend on how "handy" you are, how much you want to spend and what kind of detail. You can use:

plaster of paris-very cheap

durhams water putty-also cheap

casting resin-under $20

auto or marine resin-$15-$40 (depends on how much you buy)

rtv from mold supplier-most expensive (about $45+shipping)

Let us know what you want to use, and we'll give you some pointers. They are all relatively easy to use, it's just the getting the kinks out. That's why we're here :D

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Here is the easiest and most effective way I make a mold. It will last a long time.

In the Yellow pages find a plastic shop, they carry all types of resins. For under 20.00 get the cheapest type that activats with catalyst. take 4 of what ever plastic worm you are going to mold and wash them with dawn. get a glass dish that will fit your 4 flat bottom worms (round worms wont work). Lick the bottom of the worm and lay them in the glass dish. mix your resin and catalyst as on the bottle (the stuff I use is 15 drops to 1 ounce of resin.) if you over do it the mold will crack if you under do it the mold wont harden. after mixing for 2 minutes or more (suggested) pour the resin as slowly as possible over and around your worms. have 4 extra ready just in case. any heavy stream will move of lift your worms. pour enough to cover 1/4 over the top and let sit in the warmest place possible. Best to pour in this location as not to have to move it around.

Now the 4 extra. if any of the worms move or float, immediately remove them from the mixture (your fingers will get sticky) and gently lay the 4 extra upside down in the mixture. This way wont be as clean but you wont waste the mixture and beleive me once 1 worm floats up you wont get it back to the bottom and you will only screw up the others trying.

god luck

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