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Looks that simple the Finnish way !

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#41 Boskabouter



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Posted 04 February 2009 - 01:14 PM

Small addition of a Dutch builder :)
Just like Diemai and Jio say, in Finland the one component (floor) lacquers are popular. In Sweden and Norway etex is used a lot.
In Holland etex is the fashion but there are also builders who use one component pu clearcoats.
I use different types of clearcoats. On crankbait repaints I use the 1 component pu. Just dipping in the baits 6-8 times leaves a nice hard and glossy coat. On my jerkbaits I use mainly etex.

However I recently found out that a 1:1 mix of etex and devcon 2t gives the best results I ever achieved 8)
Yes, they mix up well together.
Devcon alone gives me headaches because I can't get it to level out nicely and besides that I hate it to start mixing over and over again for just one single bait. Etex has the wellknown disadvantage of the long curing time and if you don't have a luredryer you're losing quite some dripping off.
Now the two combined gives you the oppertunity to mix a coat for more baits, decent setting time, rockhard and nicely leveled glossy result.

I guess a lot of our clearcoat choices have to do with the availabillity and the bucks. I can get etex and Devcon in the Neths but the prices, especially for Devcon, are outrageous.
If I read what the Americans pay for their Devcon I'm going :pissed:
I'm still looking for cheaper alternatives.
If some fellow member can get me some Devcon for a decent price.........

Grtz Paul

#42 diemai


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Posted 04 February 2009 - 06:40 PM

@ Boskabouter

Yes , Paul , you're right , I also think , that the "national preferences" of lurebuilders concerning topcoat laquers also have to do quite a bit with local availabilities , and off course with the pricing as well .

I spend about currently 25€ to 30€ per year for my epoxy and 2K topcoat , would have been approx. 1 1/2 years , but the shelf life of the 2K isn't that long , always have to litter about one third of it , since I don't use it up , and order a new pack .

Greetz:yay: , Dieter

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Posted 04 February 2009 - 06:55 PM

Thanks Jio, Diemai, Paul, for your input, very interesting stuff, I maight have to do some 'Googling' and see what is available here, D2T costs about A$12.50 here (about 5 euros) and I am no too impressed with slabs of it falling off while away fishing, still have about 3 packs to get risd of though, and will probably be yellow by then. I dont know what they use here, because I don't know of any other lure builders, very secretive little community here.pete

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#44 dixiet



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Posted 19 March 2009 - 12:37 PM

That's an awesome pic tutorial the one pic I need explaining is the one with the weight tied to the belly of the bait while it is hanging
is that to find the centre of gravity for the ballist insert.

Hi , folks , here is another nice one from Finland , not a video this time , though .

Came across it yesterday , it is a step-by-step picture sequence showing the construction of a fine , wooden swimbait .

The author/builder hit it very smart , there is no text involved requiring translation , and still the single working steps are clear to follow(OK , maybe not about the eyes , I don't quite understand that:huh::huh:) .

He really did a good job on this one:yes: !

KALAMIES.COM :: Näytä viesti - Project "Toony Roach"

enjoy....., greetz :yay:, diemai

#45 diemai


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Posted 19 March 2009 - 06:27 PM

@ dixiet

Seems to be , like you said !
I guess , that Finnish bulider meant to express that by this picture .

He not only hung the weight onto the lure , but also created a sort of pivot point above the lure , so I am very sure , that he determined about the center of gravity that way .

The whole arrangement is similar to those old fashioned scales .

And later in the picture sequence the weight is glued in at same location as where it hung before , anyway .

Like this he achieves the lure to sink in an accurate horizontal position , I suppose .

But I guess that it only works out this way on this particular model , since the front section of this bait is very long , you probably just can't balance ANY swimbait this way .

In a nutshell , most likely the weights on these sit in the first two to three sections , always becoming less per section from head towards tail .

But there are different threads about this topic in here , just do a search , maybe on "weighting swimbaits" , "swimbait ballast" or similar terms ,........ I am not a real expert about swimbaits to give you detailed info , sorry !

good luck , diemai:yay:

#46 RiverMan


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Posted 08 April 2009 - 10:21 PM

The Kalomies.com site is really cool. The Toony Roach picture sequence is awesome.


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#47 clemmy


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Posted 11 April 2009 - 06:33 PM


That site is impressive!

I too wish the translation was better, I tried inter-tran and was worse! Just looking quickly I found workshops, wire-bending jigs and test tanks! It looks like someone cloned 500 Petes (Hazmail) and taught them to speak Finnish...

Some of the other stuff is impressive as well, Ice rods, knives, etc.