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My wife recently retired her rotisserie oven and let me have for making lures. It works great to cure the powder coat on my lead head but need a little help. I currently just hang the jigs on the rack but I get the "nipple effect" . I was wondering if anyone has tried to modify a rotisserie bar to hold jig head. I thought it would well because I have a similar tool for painted lure. Outside of a oven of course. Any ideas would be great apreciated.

Raw Worms.

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if you reduce your oven time it will elliminate the drip but not effct the hardness, reduce the time by 2 min incriments until you have reduced the drip to a min. also i no longer dip my jig heads into the powder, instead i use a paint strainer and sprinkle,''shake'' the powder onto the hot jig,you can acheive a two or three tone blend effect this way. Jim E Jigs willowllc

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